Synchronicity and the Collective Dream


Hello people, this here is Katy Walker Mejia a writer/filmmaker/musician from Brooklyn who is one of the many wonderful people from around the world that contacted me about an article I wrote about Synchronicity. Turns out we are both from the US East Coast, we’ve both worked out of NYC and have an interest in synchronicity. She actually made a wonderful docu-movie about the subject called “Synchronicity and the Collective Dream.” She sent me a very rough cut of her film awhile back and I thought it was great. I’ve since seen the final production – also great. It features the writer Jennifer Palmer along with many notables like Rupert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, Toko Pa Turner and others. If you are anything like me then you know that “Synchronicity” will tune you into the magic of life and the world.

The film follows Jennifer who is compelled to make sense of a mysterious energy she felt at her aunt’s deathbed. A series of strange coincidences lead her on a journey of exploration into the entire concept of synchronicity – that everything is interconnected. Time is not so much a chronology as it is an infinite cycle. Considering herself something of a skeptic, she treads the fine line between nervous breakdown and ecstatic revelation as she seeks out guides in her search for answers. Together, they explore a reality where time is transformed from a unit that can be measured and commodified -“Time is money”- to an experience of oneness with the natural rhythms of nature and the universe. It is here that the writer discovers that time is in fact – “art.”

After visiting Walker’s FaceBook page and reading many of the stories she had posted I knew she was a very special person.

I wanted to ask Katy a few questions, and so I did: Katy, what attracted you to make this film – personal experience?
A: I like many people, traveled to the Yucatan in Mexico in 2012 and visited the Mayan ruins and pyramids and became inspired by their concept of time.

Q: Were you artistic as a child?
A: At age 12 my teacher said I could make a video instead of doing a book report like the rest of the class. Using the book, I wrote a voiceover, "casted" my friends for 4 or so roles and then used two VHS tape decks to edit the movie together. My teacher gave all of us a 100 and showed it to the school. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Unfortunately my Dad recorded the one copy of it with the movie "Sex, Lies & Videotapes" (one of Harvey Weinstein's first films).

Q: Where can I read more? A: and so of course I put it all together for you guys below.

Katy Walker Mejia is a Brooklyn based filmmaker that received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Transmedia from the University of Texas at Austin and has always seen herself as a multidisciplinary artist. Her first short films were screened at the Dallas Video Fest, SXSW, and more recently, the Red Hook International Film & Video Fest, the International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts, and the Radar International Independent Film Fest. She contributes to music video projects, web series and documentary films in any way she can, whether it be producing, placing music, writing, behind the camera, editing or animation and graphics. She and her husband Joel formed Things Are Changing Productions for “seekers of conscious media.”

Their first feature documentary film, ‘Time is Art’ has been screened in theaters all over the world and was an official selection 2015 Chicago Blow-up International Arthouse Film Festival. Also at: White Marsh, MD at AMCLoews - Promoted by Robin Gunkel, Columbus, OH at Gateway Film Center - Promoted by Women of Vision Events, Hoyts Cinema – Millenium, Perth, Australia - Promoted by Mark Bentley, South Miami, FL at AMC Sunset Place 24  - Promoted by Empowered Living Solutions, Mission 11:11 & The School of Invisible Arts: San Francisco, CA at AMC Van Ness Promoted by Jennifer Sodini: Austin, TX at AMC Barton Creek Square - Promoted by Jennifer Sodini: New York, NY at AMC Loews Kips Bay 15 & IMAX - Promoted by Jennifer Sodini.
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With Appearances by: Amy Lansky Ph. D. / author
Robin Gunkel / community organizer, activist, writer
Magenta / artist, activist
Justin Gray Morgan / artist, designer, illustrator
Richard Tarnas, Ph. D. / professor, California Institute of Integral Studies, author
Rupert Sheldrake/ author, biologist
Toko Pa Turner / dreamworker, mystic
Graham Hancock / author, journalist, explorer
Gary Bobroff / author, speaker
Jim Sanders / filmmaker, ayahuasquero
Trevor Oswalt /East Forest / musician
Daniel Pinchbeck / author, scholar
Chris Soria / artist, activist
Jocelyn James / seer & intuitive

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